Misquote — Parrot & Pussycat

Acrylic on Hardboard (section)

This is one of my first attempts with acrylics. One can only say that it’s colourful. The reason I left out the kitten is that it seems too flat to my eyes. It isn’t in my belongings nowadays so there’s no way to improve the work. . .

© HMH, 2000


This painting vanished in one of my moves around Europe. It’s gone, but I still have the photo. There’s a story behind it too. It was my first experiment with acrylics, and I painted it on top of somebody else’s work. Mind: they gave the canvas as they weren’t happy with their painting. As I remember, it was three or five narrow blocks of colour on a white background. The colour blocks were placed around the vertical centre of the rectangular frame. To my eyes, the colours were lacklustre and there was no movement, no tension in the painting’s expression. In other words, I had to agree with the one who painted it that it was a failure. Working on it wasn’t unproblematic. I had some trouble with the priming because the colours shone through. My question might be if my first attempt with this medium was successful.

© HMH 2000, 2018

Wrath — Burning Tree


Looking through my older aquarelles, this one caught my eye. It may not be perfect, but I think the idea is good. It might be an idea to develop the theme further.

A friend once said: your trees look like they’re ready to fly off at any moment. I’m not sure that I agree: this one looks like the tree-trunk would be too heavy to fly.

Personally, I like the facial expression and the ‘movement’ in the flames. The roots seem too small though.



Aquarelle on paper


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