Winter Solstice

Dark mornings

Twilit chill

The countryside bleak with silhouette trees

Snow falls

Moods drop

And sunshine falls off with the tilt of the earth

Bleak are the days as the midwinter reigns

Humans need symbols and signs to survive

Lighting a candle

Or pleading for warmth

Opposes the fear that lie deep in our souls

Will the sun turn away?

Will winter prevail?

Then a glow in the dark

Brings hope and prevision

And meteor showers

Proclaim it will be

A cold moon can’t stop the manifestation

A cycle will end, and another begin

The sun won’t desert us

Aurora returns

© HMH, 2018

Getting the Blues

Mr McHeath, the would-be rock-star,

Plays his bass and scorns the black ‘dots’

Travels abroad to practise the riffs

But fate disappoints him:

His chords go amiss.

Later, back home he takes up his career.

His band plays small gigs

Mainly heard by his friends,

His drinking companions,

A rock-chick or two

But day-jobs give bread and the butter to boot.

Great disappointment soon sours the mix

So, Mr McHeath turns to art-work for slicks.

Nothing will come of his dreams,

His pursuits:

His sump runneth over

Drain bottles and dirt

His life ends with closure:

Indecent exposure

From Wimps and Pimps

© HMH, 2013



Abandoned house of cobwebs

Haunted and old.

Walk past,

Quicken your pace

In the dead of the night


What happened here?

Who can tell?


Sighs embrace the unwary

And whisper dread secrets


Once every year

A glow appears

Behind broken windows


Wispy forms glimmer

In the moonlight

And invite you to dance

The black cockerel sings

And the black fiddler plays

Will you last the night?



© HMH, 2018

Real Life Wimp


Forced into marriage and out

Hapless and gormless

Everything goes:

Career like nil

He takes to swill

Herbal teas and veggie meals

Making a temple out of his body.

Surprisingly, fat quills from every pore.

Dreams of eternal youth evaporate

As quickly as his weight grows.

His only redeeming feature is

His kindness, which

Only lasts until you get

Up, close, and personal

That sends him straight back to his shell

Where he resides like an old weary turtle



© HMH, 2013

Love Affair


On the rooftops of fish-town

The passionate pigeons

Roost and revel in twosome bliss.

Evening sun and a lonely antenna

Provide them a stronghold

Opposing the earth.

Here they coo their infinite mantras.


Kissing and billing,

Their beaks start to clatter

And feathers are flying,

The action direct:

The lad mounts the lady

Convincing and straight.

With fluttering wings



Three times he conquers.


Emerging victorious,

Needless to say:

This cock, to be sure, remains

King for the day.


From Animal Kingdom



© HMH, 2013

Sooner or Later



Sooner or later things fall into place

Sooner or later love finds its own space

We must decide if we dare or retire

When warnings forestall, and our state becomes dire

Will somebody venture or try setting foot,

Sooner or later, where none ever stood?


Sooner or later we’ll come to a head

Sooner or later we’ll end up in bed

Would it be wise or just terrible folly

To abide by a voice, which is never just jolly?

Impartial questions insist on their due

Sooner or later we must talk it through


Sooner or later you will catch my gaze

Sooner or later a fire must blaze

Oh, but who dares to lay kindle to ardour

To think of beginning the search for a harbour

While nobody promised that kind of response

Sooner or later each flame needs a sconce


Sooner or later or no time at all

Sooner or later we reach out or call

Still there is no guarantee we won’t founder

Perhaps we were just meant to meet and to wonder

Whether that split second captured our souls

Sooner or later defining our roles


Sooner or later our timing must slow

Sooner or later we surely will know

Was it supposed to be real and consuming?

Was it the chance in a million for blooming?

Maybe each human must search an adventure

And pledge every thought or emotion to nature


From Aspects of Attraction


© HMH, 2014



Bumblebees, drunk and enraptured,

Taste the sweetness of white and blushing


The orchard buzzes with light

Among spring-green leaves.

Spider webs add lace-trimming

To gnarled old branches

That dream of fruitfulness.

In the centre of each blossom

Lies a jewel

Sparkling in the early sun.


Out of the blue

A shower descends

And blossom leaves fall like snow on the ground.


But among the leaves new buds open their pink mouths

Welcoming bees and sunrays and



Camille Pissaro, Apple Trees in Blossom


© HMH, 2018


Flower of virgins,

Flower of purity:

White as ghostly fingers that caress its soft petals.

Flower of penitence,

Flower of humility

That scorches as white-hot embers.

Flower of obedience,

Flower of piety,

Bowing its head under storms of virtue.

Flower of vanity,

Flower of cruelty,

Refusing to yield to ardent prayers.

Flower of lust,

Flower of shame,

Left on the ground, unable to rise.

Flower of forgiveness,

Flower of trust,

Bringing back clarity and closing the loop



© HMH, 2018

Clandestine affair

Heaven and hell; ecstasy and anguish; despair and hope

Intermingle with his personal version of her agony.

Strange walls listen to sounds of kisses…

As lovers meet or say their goodbyes.

Her personal version of his distress

Becomes stumbling stone or reason for quarrels

Fierce or tearful according to their inner turmoil.

How can two souls discover each other

If time or significance disturb the affair?

Who can decide whether morals or maxims

Should influence that which was precious and true?

Let one, who can honestly disown transgression

Judge if two characters truly could fail:

The sweetness, the blissful distraction must matter

Or why would they simply fall head-over-heels?

Was everything right in their current relations

Would something have happened without outer grounds?

Who carries the guilt for those happy relapses

When nothing that mattered could stop those wild hearts?

The age-old disturbance brings tougher confusion

The longer and harder the trial persists

But somewhere in hiding, the one silver lining

Redeems and forgoes irreversible joy.


From Aspect of Attraction



© HMH, 2014

African Violet

Nursery maid for seeds and saplings,

Loving shadow and dark murky colours.

Quiet music and soft raindrops

Bring out her beauty.

Her roots cradle the soil

And nurture hopeful conception.

Shy and withdrawn, she waits:

Will a wonder happen?

Will new life flourish, and

Reward her waiting?

Who can tell?

Flowers retain their secrets.

But, one day, a wonder evolves.

A tiny leaf, perfect and vigorous

Finds its way out of the soil.

Out of the embrace

Of dirt and

The nurse-maid’s arms



© HMH 2018