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Snares and Delusions

Dreams and nightmares take Hedda to hell and back.

The combined forces of opium and pain bring her face to face with her life. From rural Sweden in the late nineteenth century, over Silkeborg to the Danish Capital, and during the Great War, she experiences love and loss, poverty and betrayal.

Hedda gives up everything to win independence. She soon discovers that this is one thing to wish for, but another to achieve. Life handles her roughly, but can she develop strength of character? Will she pay for her freedom in ways she doesn’t anticipate?

© HMH, 2017


My first review

Rasmus Jensen

February 28, 2018

Such a wonderful book. I really love Hedda. She is such a lively character. But the story has so many interesting characters. People you really feel like you just know. And the drama of it all was truly moving. I look forwards to reading more from HM Holten.



Another five star review



July 14, 2018

I truly enjoyed this book. The writing style is detailed and is teleporting you directly into the story and it’s surroundings. Following the wonderful character Hedda on her journey is vivid. The author “Holten” wrote a truly magnificent book and for that she deserves my 5 star rating! Go for it! You will love it! ~Jacqueline Pirtle